Marketing Outrageously

Marketing Outrageously “Redux” by Jon Spoelstra, foreword by Mark Cuban.

Being published in 2010 means it could be slightly outdated…right? I think it would be slightly different if it was written in the past 2 years. BUT, the “different” part would only be the addition of more information. I’ve started reading my share of marketing books, articles and webinars, but this book has been the most influential in creating my base. It’s different than practical experience which I’ve gotten a good deal of. It’s like a research study, many of which I’ve had to read during my masters work in the past year and a half. It suggests things, poses questions, has a thesis, methods, conclusions and facts/data to back up the claims.

This book gives you a different approach than most. It isn’t telling you how to do the job, it suggests ways to manage tasks, and gives you different options if you wish to use them. I’m sorry, I forgot the main piece of why this book is great. Why it resonated directly with me. It pushes you to put your business and yourself out there, TO BE OUTRAGEOUS! Most other marketing books tell you what works, how to do it.

I’ve never been about just making something work or hearing about it. I need to experience something, work on it myself. This book urges you to step outside of the offices literally;

Where The Employee Is King

  1. Employee comic handbook
  2. Free education
  3. No-Miss Policy
  4. Forced Vacations
  5. Six-week paid sabbatical
  6. Help in negotiating your next job

“Dan, those are not tactics to market outrageously” But, they are. Anything to help aid your employees in their lives, is helping you. Happy wife, happy life? Happy employee, happy company! Helping others achieve their goals, makes them more willing to help you reach yours.

How do you keeping growing when you’ve got a marketing block. The answer is easy, but you have to take a step back to see everything from the outside. You need to figure out what your competitors are doing, to beat you. Put together a group of your own people and task them with finding alternative ways to attract an audience better  than you are now. Make them beat you, at your own game.

Boom, there’s your first taste of what the next plan could grow out of. Just like I tell most people I know, you can’t have shame in this business. This books pushes that thought.  We can’t be afraid to be outrageous, try and fail, or just do something. Trying is better than nothing.

This book title sounds more like it’s for people in marketing, but it has so much information for tickets and leadership. It’s just built into the book. Everyone wants the newest and best book. This is not the newest book, but it resonated the most with my marketing thought process.

DO IT, you won’t regret it.



The Arrival

Succumb to the sweetness of family.

My dad is picking me up from the airport, I’m going home to relax, maybe get some exercise in and loosen up.

I usually don’t get home till winter break. Every year for the past 7, we have had thanksgiving from afar in either in Charlotte or Virginia. We are meeting in RI at home this year. It’s weird, but nice. BTW, security and airport congestion were fine. There were a lot of cars in the long term lot I parked in.

I get to go to Primal today or tomorrow and hit up the home base, the place that got me to where I am. It’s funny, even today I think of cues I used then and they still help me. My squats had been straining my right quad for whatever reason. I decided to bring in some PL style cues that I incorporate but don’t always stay consistent with. I worked on bouncing out of the whole like normal but I tried to stay extremely active on my hip drive out of the whole (something I struggled to work on earlier w a high bar squat). The moment it clicked, my drive out of the hole was so much faster, tighter, and made my quad felt fine.

3 minutes till boarding and then we get ready to take off! See you soon Rhody!

The Return

My flight was suppose to leave at 6am. I woke up at 4am to see it was delayed about 6hrs till 11:50am. Here’s the test. I like schedules, I like structure but I’ve begun to enjoy spontaneity more often. Deal w the blows as they happen. I had a plan today; get home, lift at the gym, HW, relax, dinner, maybe more. I was ready. But, I’m dealing with it. I went back to bed, I’m at the airport now (10am) and keeping myself busy listening to their music (it’s pretty solid).

Rolling w the punches Is a good quality. After confirming of the giant delay and and uttering some choice words, there was nothing I could do but deal with it and go back to sleep. It gave me afew extra minutes with my mom on the drive here. Fingers crossed I get home when they say I will.


It’s Been A Test


This week was TOUGH. I competed Sunday and hit TRIPLE PR’s. I PR’ed in my Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total. Due to our work week I was only able to workout on Mon/Tues/Wed/Saturday, which is 4 days of straight lifting including my Meet that happened on Sunday.

There were times when I really did not think that I could finish my workout. Half way through and still half to go. But, that’s the mentality that doesn’t get you to the finish line. Instead I just worried about finishing each set individually, instead of looking too far ahead. The schedule that I abide by right now isn’t easy, though I may make it look simple.

I’m still finishing up my masters with 6 hours this semester so that I can finish my MS early. I’m also studying for my comps, currently, which are the tests that you have to pass to show you are qualified to get your MS. I’m working 40hrs a week in the development office then going straight to the gym where I usually train/coach from 5-8PM depending on my workouts. I then return home to cook dinner 8-9/10 then study or lay down and get ready for bed. Why? Because sleep is important to me, if I want to function and recover then I need to give my body some sleep. Then on the weekends I lift on Saturdays and Coach on Sundays while finishing up my HW that I may have left over. Throughout the week we have events either during the day or at night, and I’m still trying to fundraise for the Maccabi Games. I’m still just under 2k away from my next goal of 4k for December. 

It’s a lot, that is no joke. I love what I do, I still have a life outside of work. Right now do I wish I was heating up my funky ankle and lying on my acupressure mat? Sure, and I’ll get there, but this was important to write because I have been slacking. I like my life being busy, it helps me stay in line. It helps me stay in line with my GOALS, not in an OCD sense of staying in line. Something I’ve learned over the past few years is that it’s okay to take a little time for yourself. If that means leaving for work 10 minutes later than I wanted and still making it there early because I needed to stretch, then I do it.

It’s okay to give yourself some leeway in your daily schedule. It’s not only okay, it is necessary and mentally healthy to take a second

Self reflection is something that I’ve always tried to work on. When I’m doing something unhealthy I try to figure out how to change the habit or ask someone if they can help me. In Louisiana I had trouble, I had a lot of trouble. I made it through, found my way back to happiness. Happiness turned out to be coming back to Charlotte, and working in an intern position. I decided that it was more important for me to expand my experience than to go into a full-time spot in the same path that I was previously in. You could say that my experience was soured for a number of reasons.

Maybe, it was. But, now I’m here and my creativity is slowly coming back, my happiness is back and I have my support system behind me.

I don’t let life take me down and hold me there, every time it has tried…I get my ass back up and keep moving forward. I’m one stubborn son a bitch, and don’t you forget it. When I want to get something done, it gets done. Do whatever you need to, to keep moving forward in life….even if it means taking a “step back” to take 2 steps forward.

I graduate with my MS in Exercise Science in December. I bet those teachers in undergrad who doubted me wouldn’t believe it. Do you know what I plan to do once I finish this in under 2 months? I plan to start my Ph.D program in the Fall. Bet my advisors from HS and College didn’t think they’d hear that. I’m here to prove everyone wrong, but it’s not for them…it’s to prove to myself that I’m worth it.

You better watch out for me in the next years…because I’m coming for you. With my positivity, my happiness, and that stubbornness that got me where I am now. It’s only the beginning my friends….






When you make that connection

“What do you think about almost every day?”

“Javelin, college athletics, girls, weightlifting, Devin, my parents, girls, my religion, Israel, how lucky I am to be happy”

“Narrow it down”

“Javelin, College Athletics, Girls, Weightlifting, Judaism, Israel, Happiness

“Dan, more”

“But I only have girls in there once, now!”

“Javelin, Weightlifting, Judaism and Happiness”

“You can link some of those together, it sounds like Weightlifting is an aid to Javelin and Happiness is what comes from those things?”

Once you realize the root of your happiness, things come easier….

I think if I want more people to see why I am trying to raise this money, I need them to understand who I am. Where did my passion for Javelin come from, when did my thirst to represent something bigger than myself begin and why have I always been completely non-apologetic for showing my religion, even within anti-semitism.

There’s a lot of things in between that




How Do You Know?

Currently listening

How do you know?

Is it right?

Will it help your goal of where you want to be going?

Are you…happy, to make this decision?

Will the decision bring you happiness?

Is this the right decision? After years of my Dad engraining “THINK” I always ask myself those questions. It can be as minuscule as whether to get a second beer, or as life altering as giving your acceptance/decline of your first full-time professional position.

Think before you speak, think before you ask, think before you….think? But, what if your heart tells you to do something before you can tell anyone else? Trust your gut right? Has your gut been refined to only act on rational decisions and your heart to act on whatever it feels is right?

I made a tough decision, but you know what? I’m confident in my decisions, and I know there is a plan for me. I’m still grinding and pushing and growing in whatever way I can.


The Day After

No this isn’t a commercial for a pill for the “day after” but I bet each of us 45 would love to have a pill that could stop us from feeling the emotions we are feeling.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” -Helen Keller

How are you feeling? I know personally, I can’t describe it. I can tell you that I now find Jewish women more attractive and I may only want to be with them, I felt the spiritual awakening I was looking for (and more), and I now have the tools to help guide me and keep me on track…..

  1. Daily Book of Wisdom
  2. Hannukiah
  3. Shabbat Candle Holders
  4. Israeli Flag
  5. Mezuzah
  6. A new fiery passion for my religion/culture
  7. Matan/Sufa/Aidy/Zvi/Inbal in my pocket

I felt something with a group of people that you will never feel. Yes, you reading this, you won’t feel what we felt….unless you were on the trip.

Do you wish you could go back? yup Do you know what you would do if you went back? you bet Do you know who’d you bring with you or who you’d meet up with? definitely Do you know what would change if you went back now, so soon? no  Exactly, what we had was perfect. You want to feel the same things you felt when you were there, but trying to recreate those feelings, that authenticity, is much too tough.

I suggest you remember, keep trinkets to remind you. Every time you touch it associated a memory with it. Every time you see someone pop up on Facebook or Instagram who you went on the trip with, remember the emotions you shared with them, send them a message to let them know you care.

“One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.”
― Gustave Flaubert

Be there, be present, smile, be happy it happened, and be emotional. When we show emotion, is shows importance. If you can be happy, why not be happy. Just because you went home doesn’t mean everything is gone. If it makes you happy to think about something/someone from the trip….just think about them. They are only a call, text, snap, post, facetime away from putting a smile on your face.

I want you to comment on the Facebook post you found this in, or in the comments section of this post and tell me how you feel. Short or long, let it flow.